Mix tracts at 7 tonite school renovation - will start after the middle of the month - carpet etc need volunteers Offering next Sunday - General Mission Cami's wedding is Sept 2 Read CE Program - Title: Songs from the heart


Nellie is having health issues - please keep her in your prayers - SHe is at Showalter villa for more observation and care. CE program this evening   Cami Becker announced to Ross Yoder


Retirement service for Gordon July 8, refreshments after, Kami Becker, Rochester report next sunday. Pastor Eddy Martin passed away last night, remember the family. No church service tonite.


Bible study tonight. Lessons on table in back. Orlan read CE for June 24. Topic Glimpses of Church History. We voted to support Gordon's retirement.

6/3/18 Announcements

Report by Caleb Litwiller this evening at 7:00 Refreshments afterward, Proceeds from the tickets meals total $2400 as of now.


Orlin Beckers will be moving to Moundridge it is the 4th Sunday - No service this evening Remember the Congregation Cookout Monday evening.


Volunteer Service in the evening Swing for the sisters on Tuesday - signup sheet for meal


Song leader night this evening, keep Perry in our prayers, time for tract packing again Wed the 18th. Wed evening we will take Lesson 7 in SS book


Viewing service will be Wednesday evening Jonas funeral will be 10:30 Thursday